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This blog is trying to tell you an information about Computer Security. Computer Security is very important for all computer user. Definition is a field of computer science concerned with the control of risks related to computer use. The traditional approach for computer security is to create , languages, and applications that enforce restrictions such that agents (such as users or programs) can only perform actions that have been allowed according to some specified . Computer security can be seen as a subfield of security engineering, which looks at broader security issues in addition to computer security

Saturday, January 6, 2007


One context of the term computer security is its use pertaining to a technology to implement a secure operating system. Much of this technology is based on science developed in the 1980s and used to produce what may be some of the most impenetrable operating systems ever. Though still valid, the science did not change, the technology is almost inactive today, perhaps because it is complex or not widely understood. Such ultra strong secure operating systems are based on operating system kernel technology that can guarantee that certain security policies are absolutely enforced on an operating environment. An example of such a security policy is the Bell-LaPadula model. The strategy is based on a coupling of special microprocessor hardware features, often involving the Memory Management Unit, to a special correctly implemented operating system kernel. This forms the foundation for a secure operating system that if certain critical parts are designed and implemented correctly can ensure that it is physically impossible for arbitrarily hostile or intelligently subversive applications to violate the security policy. This amazing capability is enabled because they not only impose a security policy, but they also completely protect themselves from corruption. Ordinary operating systems lack the completeness property in this latter capability. The design methodology to produce such secure systems is not an ad-hoc best effort activity, but one that is very precise, deterministic and logical.

Systems designed with such methodology represent the state of the art of computer security and the capability to produce them is not widely known. In sharp contrast to most kinds of software, they meet specifications with verifiable certainty comparable to specifications for size, weight and power. Secure operating systems designed this way are used primarily to protect national security information and military secrets. These are very powerful security tools and very few secure operating systems have been certified at the highest level (Orange Book A-1) to operate over the range of Top Secret to unclassified (including Honeywell SCOMP, USAF SACDIN, NSA Blacker and Boeing MLS LAN.) The assurance of security depends not only on the soundness of the design strategy, but also on the assurance of correctness of the implementation, and therefore there are degrees of security strength defined for COMPUSEC. The Common Criteria quantifies security strength of products in terms of two orthogonal components, security capability (as Protection Profile) and assurance levels (as EAL levels.) For reasons that are the subject of another article, none of these ultra high assurance secure general purpose operating systems have been produced for decades or certified under the Common Criteria



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